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Emerging Interior Design Trends for Summer 2024


Summer 2024 promises to be an exciting season for interior design. With constant innovations and a growing desire for personalizing our living spaces, emerging trends reflect a diversity of tastes and influences. Whether you’re a homeowner or simply an interior design enthusiast, these trends offer fresh perspectives to revitalize your personal space.

Introduction to New Trends

Summer 2024 brings bold and expressive trends in interior design. These trends draw from a wide range of inspirations, from nostalgic elements of the past to futuristic fascinations, with a particular emphasis on sustainability and well-being. These trends invite us to rethink our interiors as spaces where functionality, comfort, and aesthetics coexist harmoniously.

Trending Colours, Materials, and Patterns


The colour palettes for Summer 2024 revolve around inspiring shades that bring vitality and calm into our interiors. Earthy tones like warm ochres and deep greens promise to bring a piece of nature into our daily lives. Bright and saturated colours, such as Klein blue and canary yellow, will be used to infuse energy and joy.


Natural materials continue to gain popularity, highlighting a growing ecological consciousness. Wood, in all its forms, remains a favourite for its warmth and versatility. Recycled glass and repurposed metal also emerge as sustainable choices, adding a touch of elegance and reflection. Fabrics aim to be soft and enveloping, with a notable return of velvet and linen for maximum comfort.


Patterns for Summer 2024 celebrate boldness and expressiveness. Geometric prints, with their sharp shapes and striking contrasts, energize the space. Botanical patterns, more soothing, establish a direct connection with the outdoors, inviting calm and reflection. The influence of abstract art is also evident, offering unique compositions for interiors that serve as personal expression galleries.

Tips for Integrating These Trends in Different Spaces

Living Room

For a trendy living room in Summer 2024, consider combining bright colours and bold patterns to create a focal point. An accent wall or a large geometric rug can become the room’s centrepiece. If you’re daring, opt for a statement sofa. Otherwise, add furniture made from natural materials and a few plants to align with the nature trend.


In the bedroom, prioritize soothing colours and comfortable textiles. A wall painted in an earthy shade, paired with linen bedding, invites rest and relaxation. Botanical patterns, in the form of artwork or cushions, enhance this serene atmosphere.


The kitchen comes alive with touches of bright colours, whether through dishware, chairs, or even a colourful backsplash. Natural materials like wood or marble create an aesthetic balance while emphasizing a commitment to sustainability.


Transform your bathroom into a wellness sanctuary with natural materials and soft hues. Recycled glass accessories and wooden storage furniture create a relaxing atmosphere. Green touches, through plants or textiles, breathe life and freshness into the space.


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