Project Showcase

Case Study: The St-Lazare Project


The St-Lazare Project is not just an architectural feat; it’s a true ode to the fusion of British bucolic charm and lasting modernity. Picture this: 2,046 square feet where every corner tells a story, welcoming a family ready to create their own tales of authenticity and elegance.

Goals and Inspiration

Our main goal was twofold: to bring to life the dream of a new build that has the soul and character of a century-old home, and to merge this vision with the distinctive, warm style of English country houses. Through aged materials and natural colours, we’ve crafted a space where rustic charm and elegance come together, evoking authenticity and longevity.

The Kitchen: More Than Just the Heart, the Soul

The kitchen, oh, the kitchen! Designed as the heart of the home, it brilliantly combines functionality with aesthetics. The two islands highlight our aim to create a space for sharing and togetherness, reminiscent of the large kitchens in English country houses where meal prep is a central family activity. These islands, with ample storage, a walk-in pantry, and a coffee nook, are not just practical but also place culinary tradition at the heart of family life.

Burst of Colours and Materials

The choice of materials? A vibrant nod to historic buildings, while committing to sustainability. Every element, reimagined, tells a story, creating a deep emotional connection with those who live there.

White oak floors and chevron-patterned tiles are inspired by traditional flooring.

The stone wall in the kitchen pays homage to farmhouse kitchens, known for their durability and warm aesthetic. This touch, rare in modern builds, makes this project a unique blend of functionality and old-world charm.

Wooden slats on the ceiling evoke the exposed roofs of cottages, bringing space, warmth, and a connection to traditional building methods. Exposed beams add character to the space.

Unlike sleek modern surfaces, the use of raw materials and matte finishes aims to recreate atmosphere and enrich the home’s character. These surfaces foster a more intimate connection with the space.

The main colours – white, cream, and green – pair with natural materials to create visual and emotional continuity. White and cream provide a neutral backdrop that highlights the richness of natural materials, while green evokes nature, creating a calming atmosphere.

Curves and Arches: The Design Dance

Forget straight lines! The bold use of curves, rounded shapes, and arches in hallways, showers, the kitchen hood, and even in mirrors and accessories is key to the project’s design. This approach, reminiscent of the organic forms and welcoming openings of English cottages, not only softens living spaces but also enhances the home’s character and uniqueness. These elements, breaking the monotony of straight lines, add a sense of fluidity and openness, essential for creating a truly family-oriented space.


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